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Vincent Dean – Missing You Music Video – Groove-a-Holic!

“I don’t believe in only writing when inspiration strikes as this would dramatically reduce the amount of work that I create.”

Vincent Dean, the Mallorca-born pop singer/songwriter makes fun, accessible pop tunes, with a funkiness akin to older Prince, but writing music isn’t a simple hobby for the hitmaker; it is his vocation.

Having travelled the world working with a slew of esteemed professionals in the recording and performance industry, he graduated from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles in 2006 and began a career of professionally penning songs for global ad campaigns and the series Massiv Motors.

Vincent is about to release the sixth studio album he’s worked on, Colours For Jasmin, but it is the first under his own name as a solo artist. The lead single and music video, “Missing You,” in less than two weeks has 50,000 views which is enormous for a career debut. The same work ethic he developed as a musician for hire he applies to his solo work, and it is reflected in his meticulous production and clever song arrangement.

“I don’t have a scheduled time, but I do write lyrics, music, and produce every day, in some capacity to create or continue working on a song,” Vincent tells us. “Mostly I prefer to write in the morning and try to wake the writer in me right off the bat,” he continues, “I believe in writing as much as possible so when inspiration does strikes you are ready to channel it.”

For Vincent Dean it’s a mix of dedication, ingenuity and experience that results in writing irresistible tunes like “Missing You.” Check out the video and head to iTunes to download the single and two remixes.

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