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Vincent Dean – Body Talking (Official Music Video)

Vincent Dean’s charismatic voice is often compared to Prince and Mick Jagger, A blend of soulful funk driven pop music. Hypnotic baselines, slick strat guitars and old school funky beats. With unbounded passion and high skilled songwriting finesse Vincent possesses the great ability to mold sophisticated music into catchy tunes.

Born on Ibiza’s neighboring island Mallorca, the singer-songwriter has spent several years abroad, from his native Mediterranean crystal blue waters to Barcelona’s twilight to LA’s colourful chaos to the multicultural London and landing in the progressive city of Berlin. He says “there is still some much more to see and discover”. In every place he has worked and played with countless extraordinary musicians and producers like: Gambeat (Radio Bemba/Manu Chao), Norbert Fimpel (Joe Cocker), Franz Plasa (Nena, Echt, Selig, Udo Lindenberg) Luis Rodriguez (Modern Talking) to name a few.



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“Body Talking” is the new music video released by a brilliant musician Vincent Dean.

It is going to be the first and one of the definitive songs of “Colours for Jasmin,” the upcoming album intended to be released on July 22.

The new music video was filmed in Hamburg, Germany by talented Vanessa Jasmin Panné. Her creativity alongside Vincent’s musical gift create a spicy mix, which captivates attention of everyone.

Vincent Dean’s “Body Talking” [Music Video]

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Von der Pickelseife hin zu Sehnsuchtphantasien

Der gebürtige Mallorquiner Vincent Dean ist schon seit geraumer Zeit als Songschreiber und Produzent aktiv. So richtig in Erscheinung getreten ist er hierzulande trotz einer Handvoll Album-Veröffentlichungen allerdings noch nicht wirklich. Das soll sich nun mit dem kommenden Album „Colours For Jasmin“ ändern, das am 22. Juli 2016 erscheint. Dann werden wir hören, ob seine neuen Songs Parallelen aufweisen zu der Werbemusik, die der Spanier im Laufe der Jahre für Marken wie Nivea, Liasan und Clearasil geschrieben hat.

Inspiriert wurde das Album vom flirrend warmen Licht seiner mediterranen Heimat, dem bunten Chaos in Los Angeles, dem vielfarbigen Schmelztiegel London, dem knalligen Berlin und dem leuchtend-flimmernden Barcelona. Überall hat Vincent Dean mehrere Jahre seines Lebens verbracht und vor Ort mit zahllosen Musikern gearbeitet. Sein musikalisches Bild malte Vincent Dean gefühl- und temperamentvoll zugleich, formiert aus klassischen Funk- und Soul-Elementen und dem entscheidenden Schuss Pop jenen ganz besonderen Stil, der seine Musik in die heutige Zeit transportiert – ein individueller Soundmix für alle, die zwar die alten Zeiten schätzen, aber dennoch nicht stehen geblieben sind. Wer jetzt neugierig geworden ist, hier sind mit „Body Talking“ und „Missing you“ zwei Songs zum Kennenlernen des Spaniers.

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Vincent Dean: Life As A Musician



Recently Vincent Dean released two music videos from his upcoming album Colours for Jasmin set to be released on July 22. Check out his latest song “Body Talking.”

Vincent now lives happily in Germany with his wife, Art Director Vanessa Jasmin Panné and their young daughter. Panné has played a major role in producing Vincent’s latest music videos. Presently, they’ve prioritised the recording of Vincent’s new album and filming music videos with Luis Rodriguez and Franz Plasa. Dean spends most of his time playing live concerts and giving music lessons to students. He enjoys spending time with his family every chance he gets.

Vincent Dean was born on the island of Mallorca, Spain to a Swiss-Italian father and a German mother. After finishing school, Vincent entered the L.A. Music Academy and Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he earned 2006 Award as a most improved student.

After graduating from the Music Academy he started his first band Side to Side in California and recorded his first album, “Take Ur Time.” In 2007, Vincent moved to back to Europe. In London, UK. Vincent in collaboration with EMG records recorded and produced his album “Freedom Fighters”. He moved to Berlin, Germany in 2008 where he recorded and produced “Mother Earth”, under yet another stage name, ‘Solrise’.

His career kickstarted since then and By 2014, Vincent had performed cover music at over hundred concerts. He has worked with some of the industry’s most sought after musicians, recorded and produced the music for fashion brand Cinque (Spring/Summer 2014), (Fall/Winter 2014/2015) and (Spring/Summer 2015). Vincent is also author of some of the music behind TV commercials for some of famous household brands such as Nivea, Liasan and Clearasil and the music for the series “Massive Motors”.

Vincent Dean is a great example of how determination and talent can earn a successful career, amazing friends and an incredible career.

Vincent Dean Body Talking Lyrics


Vincent Dean Body Talking Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
When the loving is right, let your body do the talking
Red dress, skin tight, you do the samba like a black mamba
Cats eyes, knock me down, my spit dribble like a blood hound
Your big booty wiggle, dying to communicate, your double D silicons on prison brake
Your trembling buns, got rhythms like Motown drums
You hypnotize me swinging your pendulum
I feel like I know you, (your booty got swing)
I feel like I know you from another life
When the loving is right, let your body do the talking
When the loving is right, you and me we do the wrestling
Sweet nectar, sensual fever, let your body do the talking
When the loving is right, let your body, do the talking
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Your booty got swing
Your fingers sealed my lips, climbing hands set out to frisk
You rip the vest of my chest, now I’m breathing

hard like on mount Everest
You must be Isis the Egyptian goddess, my blue
blooded, belly dancing princess
Pack your bags, lets run away, I’ll be your bodyguard to the rest of my days
I feel like I know you from another life
When the loving is right, let your body do the talking
When the loving is right, you and me we do the wrestling
Sweet nectar, sensual fever, let your body do the talking

When the loving is right, let your body, do the talking
Your body got bounce, oh your body got swing
Serenades of nightingale birds come to sing
Your body got bounce, oh your body got swing
Your kisses sensual whips of jelly fish that sting
When the loving is right, let your body do the talking