Vincent Dean – „Colours for Jasmin“

Vincent Dean’s charismatic voice is often compared to Prince and Mick Jagger, a blend of soulful funk driven

pop music. Hypnotic baselines, slick strat guitars and old school funky beats. With unbounded passion and

high skilled songwriting finesse Vincent possesses the great ability to mold sophisticated music into catchy


Born on Ibiza’s neighbouring island Mallorca, the singer-songwriter has spent several years abroad, from his

native Mediterranean crystal blue waters to Barcelona’s twilight to LA’s colourful chaos to the multicultural

London and landing in the progressive city of Berlin. He says “there is still some much more to see and

discover”. In every place he has worked and played with countless extraordinary musicians and producers

like: Gambeat (Radio Bemba/Manu Chao), Norbert Fimpel (Joe Cocker), Franz Plasa (Nena, Echt, Selig, Udo

Lindenberg) Luis Rodriguez (Modern Talking) to name a few.

Vincent Dean sounds saucy like INXS, extravagant like Prince and lovably crazy like the Chili Peppers („Too

cool for school…“) He even surprises with bits of Glamrock to spice up the picture. Often reminiscent of

a young George Michael, Dean stirs fantasies of erotic desires and feelings of deepest devotion. Vincent

paints love stories on his beat driven musical canvas that sink under your skin.

We believe the world is in need for more Hammond’s, WahWah´s, thumping basses and alluring background-

singers. So you might just feel like you passing straight through a scene of a 70’s Blaxploitation

flick. Truly original in his own way, adding his own distinctive twist, the album „Colours for Jasmin“ is a

dedication to the mother of his daughter. For all those who dig the old days, but don’t want to miss out on

todays music. We highly recommend it not only to soul & funk music fans, but to anyone who appreciates

good music.